The Best Family Dentist in East Greenbush


When it comes to your family’s teeth, you can count on your East Greenbush Dentist to take care of all of your oral health issues at one location. Dr. J. Craig Alexander specializes in family dentistry and has the tools to ensure that your whole family has the best possible oral care in East Greenbush.

The best time to take your kids to your Family Dentist in East Greenbush is about 6 months old. This is usually when the first tooth erupts. When you schedule a check up for your kids with your East Greenbush Family Dentist, your children will be given the best care possible. Catching dental problems early means that you are preventing serious dental issues that could occur as oral health issues can begin even before your kids start school.

During your child’s first oral examination, your East Greenbush Dentist will take into account poorly spaced and crooked teeth, bit misalignment, and any signs of tooth decay or disease. Depending on the outcome, your Dentist in East Greenbush may recommend a preventative cleaning every six months.

If moderate gingivitis is detected, Dr. Alexander will remove tartar build-up and plaque, which will reduce the risk of tooth decay, cavities, and gingivitis.

Moderate gingivitis is a precursor to periodontal disease and involves scaling. All this means is that your Dentist in East Greenbush will scrape off the plaque and tartar that sits just below the gum line. Dr. Alexander may also decide on root planning as well, which will prevent plaque and bacteria from building up in the future.

Other preventative treatments that your East Greenbush Dentist may recommend include fluoride treatment and dental sealants. Dr. Alexander will apply a fluoride gel topically twice a year to prevent tooth decay. If your Dentist in East Greenbush recommends dental sealants it will be brushed on to the molars where the enamel on your kids tiny teeth cannot be brushed adequately. Dental sealants will usually last for several years.

When it comes to Family Dentistry in East Greenbush, you can depend on Dr. Alexander to get to the root of the problem. Schedule an appointment today and get your family’s teeth back on the road to health.