Brushing Teeth for Good Oral Hygiene


Brushing teeth is a habit that most people perform twice a day, however, not everyone’s brushing techniques are up to par. In fact, according to your dentist in East Greenbush, quite a few of you aren’t brushing teeth, as you should.

Dr. J. Craig Alexander explains that while brushing teeth should be second nature to most, some just aren’t brushing long enough or aren’t using the write brushing strokes.

Below are 8 tooth brushing tips that will help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

1. The Right Equipment

The right toothbrush is essential for clean
teeth. When you choose your toothbrush, you want it to feel good in your hand
when you brush. You also want to buy a toothbrush that has a soft bristled

Bamboo handled toothbrushes are quite popular
at the moment with most coming with disposable heads that you swap out when the
bristles begin to fray. These are very eco-friendly and are great for teeth and

2. Keep It Clean

Be sure to give your toothbrush a good clean
before you put it back in your medicine cabinet or toothbrush holder. After you
rinse your toothbrush, place it upright in your cup or holder letting it try
out naturally. Never set it on the counter.

For a deeper clean, soak your toothbrush in
hydrogen peroxide mixed with water or in a cup filled with mouthwash.   

3. Use and Replace

Dr. Alexander recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months or so or when it starts to fray. It is also important to remember that bacteria will grow on your toothbrush regardless of how clean you keep it so swapping it out when it’s time is vital.

4. Don’t Be Over Aggressive

Some people tend to be over zealous when it
comes to brushing teeth. As previously mentioned, use a soft bristled brush and
be gentle on your teeth and gums.

5. The Rest of Your Mouth is Important Too

When you are brushing don’t forget your
tongue. Germs and bacteria love to collect on your tongue. Clean and brush the
insides of your teeth as well. While you and the rest of the world don’t see
some parts of your teeth, clean all of them both front and back.  

6. Don’t Brush Right Away

While it might be tempting to brush
immediately after eating, don’t do it. Your New York family dentist recommends
waiting about a half an hour before brushing your teeth.

7. Flossing and Rinsing

Flossing is a big part of oral hygiene and brushing teeth. Some like to floss before brushing while others prefer to do it after. Whatever you prefer just floss at least once each day. Flossing helps prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

8. Rinse Bacteria Away

Use a good antibacterial mouthwash after you brush and floss as this will help dislodge anything you may have missed.

Regular Dental Checkups

If you haven’t seen your East Greenbush dentist in some time, call, send a text or a direct message to a team member from Dr. Alexander’s dental office today.