Cosmetic Bonding for a New Smile


If you have always dreamt about having a beautiful smile just like your favorite movie star, but thought you couldn’t afford it, think again. Thanks to modern 21st century Cosmetic Bonding and Restorative dental techniques, you can have a new smile that is both affordable and beautiful.

When you schedule an appointment with your dentist, a thorough examination of your teeth and gums will be conducted to come up with a dental plan that is best for your particular situation. This could include dental veneers, inlays, onlays, dental implants; tooth colored fillings, crowns or bridges. Your dentist may also decide to help you with your gummy smile with a procedure known as dental contouring. Sometimes all you may need is professional tooth whitening.

Another procedure that your dentist may consider is called Dental or Cosmetic Bonding. Dental Bonding is a procedure that can cover stains that cannot be helped with tooth whitening, but it can be used for much more than that.

According to Colgate, Dental or Cosmetic Bonding is a popular cosmetic or restorative dental procedure that can also be used to close that gap between your teeth or repair a chip or cracked tooth. Your dentist may also use Cosmetic Bonding for inlays, onlays or to fill a cavity. If you have silver amalgam fillings that show when you smile, you can ask your dentist if they can be replaced with dental bonding. If your teeth are misshaped, Cosmetic Bonding could be the answer.

Tooth colored resin is used in the bonding process and depending on how many teeth need to be bonded, can take place in a single dental appointment.

If your dentist believes that you are a good candidate for Cosmetic or Restorative Dental Bonding your dentist will choose a shade that best matches the color of your natural teeth. The tooth will be etched or roughened up before a solution is applied to the tooth or teeth that are to be bonded. The solution helps the bonding material adhere to your tooth or teeth. Once prepared, your dentist will apply the tooth colored resin by shaping and molding it into place. Once satisfied with the result the tooth or teeth will be cured or hardened with a light or laser before polishing.

For more information regarding Cosmetic or Restorative Dental Bonding or any other dental procedure, call or click and schedule an appointment with your dentist today.