Custom Made Mouthguards for All Sports


It’s National Facial Protection Month and that means becoming aware of your head, but also your mouth. Custom made mouthguards keep you safer should you suffer a blow to the head or get hit with a baseball. Everyone in your family should be protected.

Protection is Necessary for your Entire Head

From the helmet and pads, if necessary, to the custom made mouth protector, keeping your family protected and safe during the spring and summer is your best defense.

What are Custom Made Mouthguards?

Unlike mouthguards you buy at your local sporting goods store, mouth protectors that are custom made are more likely to get used. Unfortunately, the other two types of mouthguards, conventional and boil and bite, are so uncomfortable and cumbersome they are often left in the gym bag or in the trunk of the car.

Custom made mouthguards from your East Greenbush dentist are made to fit your mouth and no one else’s. Dr. J. Craig Alexander will take a mold or impression of your teeth and have a mouthguard made that will not only protect your mouth, but be comfortable to wear as well.

Other Types of Mouthguards

Standard Mouth Protectors

Your East Greenbush Dentist explains that these types of mouth protectors are made to fit everyone. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? That’s why they are probably so uncomfortable and get left in the locker room.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

Boil and Bite mouth protectors are just what they say they are. You warm them up, bite down, and make an impression of your teeth. Once they have cooled, they are ready for wear. Although they are more comfortable than the standard variety, they make it difficult to talk and even breathe.

Custom Made Mouthguards-Your dentist in East Greenbush will design a custom made mouthguard that is comfortable and easy to wear. Made from an impression, it fits like a glove making play more successful.

Keep your family safe this spring and schedule everyone an appointment for custom made mouthguards today.