Custom Made Mouthguards for National Facial Protection Month


It’s National Facial Protection Month and that means custom made mouthguards for the whole family. With a custom made mouth protector, you and your kids can stay safe and out of the emergency room with a custom made mouthguard that can help prevent a broken or knocked out tooth.

According to the American Dental Association, thousands of mouth injuries could have been prevented every year had the athlete worn a custom made mouthguard.

Custom made mouthguards should be used for both contact and non contact sports. People who surf, participate in martial arts or like a game of handball from time to time, should wear a mouth protector. Mouthguards are just as important for gymnasts as they are for soccer and football players.

Although there are other types of mouth protectors available, such as standard and boil and bite, neither of these will give the same amount of protection as a custom made mouthguard.

Standard-These types of mouthguards are a one-size fits all solution that can be bulky and uncomfortable as not everyone’s mouth is the same. Because of the discomfort, standard mouth protectors often go unused.

Boil and Bite-Boil and Bite mouth protectors are molded to your teeth after you place them in warm water. Made to fit your teeth, these types of mouthguards offer slightly more protection that a standard mouthguard, but not as much as a custom made mouth protector.

Custom made Mouthguards-Made to fit your mouth, Dr. Alexander will take an impression of your teeth to create a custom made mouth protector that will be soft, pliable and comfortable. With custom made mouthguards, you can protect yourself, have fun, and not have to worry about mouth injuries that could have been avoided.

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