Dental Anxiety and Missed Dental Checkups


Are you missing much needed dental appointments because you are fearful of the dentist? Have you not seen your dentist in East Greenbush because you suffer from dental anxiety?

If you said yes to either of those questions it’s time to schedule a dental appointment with Dr. J. Craig Alexander. According to your dentist in New York missed dental appointments can affect more than your oral health.

Your Mouth and Your Body

Just like the food you eat the particles you leave behind go straight to your body. However, food particles go elsewhere as well.

Researchers believe that food particles, bacteria, plaque and impossible to remove tartar make their way to your bloodstream and eventually the vessels in your heart.

If this happens you are more likely to suffer from COPD, heart failure or stroke. People who have Alzheimer’s disease also have a higher percentage of gum disease. This leads researchers to believe the connection is strong.

Dental Sedation for Dental Anxiety

Dental sedation eases the mind and the body. So much so that you won’t even remember being in the dentist’s chair. All you will remember is a type of euphoria that you’ve never experienced at the dentist’s office in East Greenbush before.

From pill medication taken the night before and the day of the appointment to Nitrous Oxide you can feel confident knowing you won’t remember a thing. Dental anxiety truly is a thing of the past when you schedule sedation dentistry in New York.

The Problem with Missed Appointments

The biggest issue with missed dental appointments is time. The longer you leave a cavity to its own devices that larger it will get. The same can be said about gum disease.

Leave it to long and it will progress from gingivitis to incurable periodontitis. Gingivitis is curable while periodontal disease is not.

Tooth decay is something else that will never get better. A small cavity develops into a bigger one. Cracks in old silver amalgam fillings become leaky and broken teeth cause issues for healthy ones.

The best way to prevent things from getting worse is to never let them get to that point in the first place.

Your East Greenbush dentist recommends twice yearly examinations and dental cleanings to avoid unnecessary dental treatments. Keep in mind that a small filling never takes as much time as a large filling and dental crown.

Dental Sedation for Oral and Overall Health

Don’t make things worse. Call or text and schedule an appointment with your dentist in East Greenbush today.