Dental Checkups for You and Your Family


The New Year is a time of
reflection, a time when you look back and see what you wanted to accomplish,
what you did, and what you didn’t.

New Year is also a time to schedule dental appointments for you and your family.

Dental Checkups Vital Every Year

Dr. J. Craig Alexander cannot stress the importance of regular dental checkups, comprehensive dental exams and professional dental cleanings.

All of these tasks along with daily brushing and flossing will help you and your teeth and gums.

However, if you haven’t seen the dentist in some time and it was one of the things you didn’t accomplish last year it’s time to call your East Greenbush Dentist.

Your family dentist in New
York understands how problematic the past 12 to 24 months have been with dental
appointments far down your to do list.

However, things are changing
and that means it’s time to take stock of your oral health with dental
appointments for you and your family.

Dental Checkups in East

Dental Checkups are so important and when included in your oral hygiene habits help keep you free from tooth decay and gum disease. Add professional cleanings to the list and you are well on your way to healthy teeth for the rest of your life.

With that being said, oral
cancer screenings and comprehensive dental exams are just as important and
should be conducted at least once a year.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

During a comprehensive
dental exam your family dentist in East Greenbush examines your teeth and gums
but goes the extra mile with an oral cancer screening.

The extra mile is a thorough
examination of your oral cavity including your tongue, cheeks, neck and throat.

If Dr. Alexander notices anything that looks out of place he and the team will take a biopsy for further diagnosis and treatment.

Some things that may look
out of place include scaly or red and white patches, sores that won’t heal or
lumps and bumps.

If you notice anything that
looks suspicious it is imperative that you call your New York family dentist as
soon as possible. Early detection is the key when it comes to oral cancer.

Dental Checkups Keep You

According to research there
is a link between gum disease and overall health. That connection is linked to

When you take care of your
teeth and gums with regular dental checkups, professional cleanings,
comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings you are well on your way
to a healthy and happy life.

If you haven’t seen your dentist in some time, call or send a direct message and schedule dental checkups for you and your family today.