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Dr. J. Craig Alexander is the only call you need to make for an East Greenbush Dentist appointment. Whether you have a dental emergency in Greenbush, or just want a regular check-up, the best East Greenbush Dentist will take care of you.

Your East Greenbush Dentist will tell you that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are when it comes to good dental hygiene. Your teeth are meant to last forever, and if you take care of your gums and teeth, you can expect to have your natural smile for the rest of your life.

According to Colgate, tooth decay is not just a problem for kids. Tweens, teens, young adults, adults and seniors can have problems with tooth decay as well. Tooth decay will eventually ruin the enamel covering that protects your teeth. If you do not take your East Greenbush Dentists advice, bacteria, or plaque will begin to form. When you do not take care of your teeth that plaque will turn to tarter and cause tooth decay, which could lead to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis. Periodontitis is an infection that will ruin the gums, bones, and tissue that support your pearly whites. If this is left untreated, your East Greenbush Dentist may have to pull your teeth.

Your East Greenbush Dentist recommends the following in order to prevent gum disease:

  • Floss once a day
  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste
  • Eat a proper diet
  • Avoid sugar and processed foods
  • See your East Greenbush Dentist for regular checkups and cleanings
  • Stay away from tobacco products

A few years ago, most Dentists in Greenbush thought that dry mouth or xerostomia was part of the aging process, but now your East Greenbush Dentist understands that is not the case. Older adults should not have a problem with dry mouth if they are healthy.

Xerostomia occurs when your salivary glands are not working properly. Dry mouth can lead to all sorts of complications including tooth decay and infection. Talk to your East Greenbush Dentist or doctor if you are having issues with dry mouth. If everything checks out, drink lots of water, skip the sugary snacks and drinks. Your East Greenbush Dentist or doctor may also recommend artificial saliva or a change of medication.

Fluoride products are just as useful for adults as they are for kids. By using fluoride toothpaste, and brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, your East Greenbush Dentist will be able to give you a clean bill of health the next time you go into your Dentist in East Greenbush New York for a check-up.

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