What Your East Greenbush Dentist Recommends


The best Dentist in East Greenbush will tell you that healthy teeth and gums can be achieved by seeing your dentist regularly and by brushing your teeth twice and flossing once a day, but what some East Greenbush Dentists will not mention is that there is more to it. Most people are not aware that the foods they eat and the liquids they drink can cause problems with teeth and gums.

According to the Huffington Post, sugary and starchy foods are not just bad for your waistline. Starchy and sugary foods can also feed the sticky film in your mouth. When foods like potato chips, donuts, white bread, al dente pasta and other starchy foods are exposed to the plaque in your mouth it only takes about 20 minutes for the acids to start attacking the enamel on your teeth. Sugary foods such as chewy and hard candy can also cause major problems for your teeth and gums. Your Dentist in East Greenbush will also tell you that brushing right after eating sugary or starchy foods could cause additional damage as the enamel on your teeth is softened after you eat sugary and starchy foods. It is best to wait about 45 minutes before you brush.

Your East Greenbush Dentist will advise you to eat foods that will naturally produce saliva, as those foods will neutralize the acids on your teeth.

Dairy products contain phosphates and calcium and are an excellent food choice. Non-fat yogurt, milk, and cheese are low in acid and sugar. Dairy products also contain casein, which is a protein in milk that will fortify the surface on your teeth. Ask your Dentist in East Greenbush about a MI Paste. Made from casein it is a wonderful product for those of you who are prone to tooth decay.

Sugar free gum, which contains Xylitol, is an artificial sweetener that is recommended by Dr. J. Craig Alexander. Not only does the sugar replacement prevent plaque from turning into sugar, but it also stops bacteria.

Raw vegetables are good for your teeth, but especially celery, as the fibrous materials require chewing which makes you salivate. Because of the fibrous strands found in celery it can naturally clean your teeth, almost like flossing.

Tap water contains fluoride, and according to the best Dentist in East Greenbush will have a demineralizing affect on your teeth. This will literally reverse the damage that acid can cause.

Fresh fruit is a wonderful food choice because of the fibrous nature. Pears, apples, pineapples, mandarins, and bananas have a large acid content that will neutralize the plaque and sticky film on your teeth. However, it is important to avoid dried fruit as the mixture of the sugary and sticky contents could harm the enamel on your teeth.

Making healthy food choices is an important part of dental care, but so is seeing your East Greenbush Dentist. If it has been some time since you have had a check-up, schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Craig Alexander today.