Facial Awareness and Custom Made Mouthguards


If you are getting ready to spend a few days, or weeks in the great outdoors, including time with your tennis racquet or skateboard you should schedule an appointment with your dentist in East Greenbush.

Celebrate National Facial
Awareness Month

In celebration of National
Facial Awareness Month you will be glad that you scheduled an appointment for custom
made mouth guards.

A custom made mouth guard
keeps you and your teeth and gums safe when you climb, skate, ride or enjoy a
game of handball.

Unfortunately accidents
happen and when they do they could cause huge problems for your teeth and gums
and your entire oral cavity.

Although you may think a
helmet will do the job just fine it won’t. If you fall on your face, have a
blow to your mouth or have another type of mouth injury a custom made mouth
guard will most likely prevent a trip to the emergency room.

Your East Greenbush family dentist has the knowledge and experience to fit you and your family with custom made mouthguards.

Statistics You Didn’t Know

According to the experts
mouth protectors prevent nearly 80 percent of mouth injuries. Those mouth
injuries could end up costing you more than you had bargained for.

If you or a family member
has ever spent time in the emergency room you’ll know how expensive and time
consuming it is.

Custom made mouthguards from
your New York dentist will help prevent an unnecessary trip to the ER and
expenses that could be far more than you had bargained for.

There’s Mouthguards and Then
There’s Mouthguards

Mouthguards come in three different types, standard, boil and bite and custom made.

Dr. J. Craig Alexander explains that all three of these mouth protectors will protect you from unnecessary injuries.

However, not all of them are that comfortable. In fact, some of them are so cumbersome you may end up leaving them in your gym bag.

Standard are one size fits
all, boil and bite are the next best thing and custom made are the blue ribbon
of mouth protection.

East Greenbush Mouthguards

Custom made mouthguards are
essential regardless of what sport you play. Even surfers talk about the close
calls they have had and how much a mouthguard helped.

Keep you and your family safe and schedule appointments for custom made mouthguards.

Everyone will be happy, especially your doctor. Call and schedule appointments in East Greenbush today.