Your Fillings Will Not Last Forever


If you have a mouth full of fillings that you have had for years, it could be time to schedule an appointment with your Dentist in East Greenbush. Dr. Craig Alexander will tell you that fillings will not last forever. In fact, you could have badly decayed teeth underneath your fillings and not even be aware of it.

Most people think that they only need to see their East Greenbush Dentist if they are in pain, but that could not be further from the truth. Tooth decay can seep into even the tiniest spot under or around your filling whether they are silver amalgam or tooth colored resin fillings.

Over time, fillings can crack causing leakage and that means bacteria, food particles, and plaque can eat away at the area between the enamel and the actual filling. Once that begins, it is nearly impossible to stop it, as there is no way to brush or floss under a filling.

According to your Dentist in East Greenbush, bacteria that unfortunately call your mouth home cause cavities. The bacteria are called plaque and although there are several different kinds of bacteria that live in your mouth, only a few cause cavities.

The entire surface of your tooth can develop a cavity and just because one area of your tooth has been filled, does not mean that you will not have tooth decay on another part of the same tooth.

Of course, if your East Greenbush Dentist did not completely sterilize your tooth before placing the filling, it is time to schedule an appointment with a new Dentist in East Greenbush. Unfortunately, if it is not sterilized properly, the food and bacteria will cause further decay.

Fillings that are worn, chipped, or cracked will leave gaps between the filling and the tooth. This provides a doorway to bacteria creating even more problems. If left untreated the bacteria will eventually invade the pulp inside your tooth. If this occurs, you may have to schedule an appointment with your East Greenbush Dentist for a root canal.

It is imperative that any weaknesses in your fillings be taken care of immediately, and if you have not seen your Dentist in East Greenbush in the last six months, schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexander who will be able to determine if your fillings are sound, or if they need to be replaced.