Gummy Smile Lift for Confidence


Your dentist in East Greenbush understands how frustrating it can be if you are unhappy with your gummy smile.

Whether you have an annoying
space, a chipped tooth or a crooked grin it can affect your confidence and

Thankfully, your cosmetic
dentist in New York has the training and experience to examine your smile, even
if you have been dealing with a gummy smile for your entire life.

What is a Gummy Smile?

According to Dr. J. Craig Alexander, a gummy smile shows a bit more gum than what you would like. Also called excessive gingival display, the most common cause is just being born with a little too much gum tissue. However, a gummy smile can also be caused by upper lip length and how your teeth grow in.

Your dentist in East
Greenbush explains that during permanent teeth eruption, tissue can overgrow
covering up too much of the tooth or teeth as well.

Gum Recontouring in New York

Specially designed for patients
with gummy smiles and uneven gum lines, gum recontouring in New York removes
the excess tissue restoring your teeth and gum line back to a smile that is
even all the way around.

Dr. Alexander is a skilled
and experienced dentist who will be able to shape your gum line so that you
will be happy when you smile again.

Also called gum lifts, the
team from your dental practice in East Greenbush will remove a bit of the gum
tissue that is around your teeth. This will restructure your gum line, making
it higher while showing more of your teeth.

If you have an abundance, Dr. Alexander may also recommend crown lengthening. This changes the gum structure and the bone around the teeth also.

Other Treatments for Gummy

While gum recontouring is
the most recommended treatment for gummy smiles, these procedures also work
well and include:

Scaling and Root Planing

This procedure is used if gums are infected and inflamed. A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing cleans the gum pockets surrounding every tooth while removing bacteria and infection. Once the area has healed a gummy smile will tend to subside.

Lip Lowering

Dr. Alexander isn’t really going to lower your lip but instead remove a tiny bit of gum tissue just under your upper lip. This makes the lip look shorter. This also makes it impossible for the upper lip to get as high as it was.


If your bad bite is causing your gummy smile your New York Dentist will probably recommend wires and brackets or removable clear aligners. When the bite is in the right position it usually reduces a gummy smile.

Gummy Smile Relief in East

If you would like to learn more about recontouring for your gummy smile, call or send a text and talk to a team member from your East Greenbush’s dental office today.