Holiday Treats to Be Aware Of


Watching what you eat is
good for the numbers on the scale and good for your teeth and gums.

In fact, when you pay
attention to what is on the buffet table you’ll be doing both your waistline
and your mouth a favor.

Be Careful of Good Treats

According to Dr. J. Craig Alexander some holiday treats disguise themselves as healthy when they really aren’t.

For example, your favorite
Aunt’s fruity delicious Christmas cake is loaded with dried and candied fruit.

That fruit sticks between
crevices and at the backs of teeth. If you must have a taste or two, rinse with
water afterwards or enjoy as part of a meal.  

Cakes, Donuts, Cookies and

All of those yummy bakery
and homemade goodies that seem to be everywhere during the holidays are not so
great for your teeth.

In fact, if you don’t rinse
right away you’ll be picking out the cookie that you enjoyed during a work

While you may love the
holidays for all of the goodies, be sure to keep starchy foods to a limit. This
includes chips and crackers.

Sparkly Sodas and Holiday

Drinking too much sparkly
apple cider isn’t good for your body or your teeth. Sparkly apple cider is
loaded with sugar and although the cinnamon stick is a great idea, chewing on
it isn’t.

Soda is twice as bad as you
have the sugar to deal with and the acidic content too. Sports and energy
drinks are loaded with acid and sugar as well.

Fresh Fruit

If you have been spending
every party with a plated loaded with citrus fruit you aren’t doing your teeth
any favors.

Kiwi, tangerines, limes, lemons, grapefruit and oranges are full of acid. That acid will erode the enamel on your teeth.

Once the erosion starts it is impossible to reverse. Dr. Alexander recommends enjoying citrus fruit with a glass of water.

Hard and Chewy Candy

Both types of candies are
not good for teeth. Sadly, avoiding salt water taffy, chewy caramels,
peppermint sticks and jawbreakers is the best recipe for healthy teeth.

If you must have something
sweet stick with cranberry sauce or chocolate. Research shows it is the best
out of the lot when it comes to sweets for teeth.

Enjoy with Healthy Treats

This holiday season keep the
treats to a minimum and substitute with lots of fresh veggies and dips.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from your dentist in East Greenbush Dr. J. Craig Alexander.