Improve your Smile with Dental Contouring or Tooth Reshaping


Dental Contouring or Tooth Reshaping is an inexpensive way to change the shape of your teeth using a conservative method to repair minor defects. These two dental procedures are used to make subtle changes to your teeth. Your dentist explains that although the changes are small, they can make an amazing difference.

Teeth that overlap or irregularly shaped teeth can be helped with Tooth Reshaping or Dental Contouring as well as tiny chips in your teeth or cuspids that tend to make you look and feel like a creature of the night. Fangs might be acceptable on Halloween, but not for every day of the week.

According to Web MD, Dental Contouring is used to remove minimal amounts of tooth enamel to change the length, surface, or shape of your tooth or teeth. Even minimal reductions in just the right places can change your smile. Often your dentist will combine Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping with Dental Bonding.

Dental Bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure that uses a tooth-colored composite resin material to change the shape and sculpt your teeth.

If your dentist has deemed you a candidate for Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping x-rays will be taken to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for cosmetic dentistry. Before your dentist will do any cosmetic restorations, you will be checked for gum disease and dental caries.

After marking your teeth to highlight the areas for Tooth Reshaping and Dental Contouring, your dentist will sand the area or areas on your tooth or teeth minimizing or eliminating imperfections. These dental sand paper strips may also be used between your teeth and for side contouring. After your dentist is satisfied with the results, your teeth will be smoothed and polished looking beautiful and natural.

Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping really are the inexpensive way to improve your smile, but just keep in mind that this painless procedure may not give you the results that you want. Your dentist explains that these changes will be subtle and if you have been thinking about something more drastic, talk to your dentist about dental veneers or dental implants.

Tooth Reshaping can also improve your oral healthy as removing overlaps and other areas where plaque and tartar can build up will lower your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. In some cases, Dental Contouring can even eliminate the need for braces.

If you have always wanted shorter or longer teeth, or have dreamt about getting rid of that gap between your front teeth, schedule an appointment with your dentist for Dental Contouring and Tooth Reshaping.