Too Much Tooth Whitening is Not Healthy


Although Tooth Whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure on the planet, with over 1.5 billion spent last year on products in the United States, it could cause problems for your teeth and gums if you are suffering from, “Bleachorexia.”

Over whitening has become an epidemic thanks to the dozens of tooth whitening products available over the counter. Everything from toothpastes, gels, rinses, and strips load the shelves at your local pharmacy making it more affordable than ever to have a million dollar smile. Unfortunately, the quest for beautiful white teeth has some taking it to the extreme.

“Bleachorexia,” is a term used by professionals to describe people who use too much bleach all too often. Your dentist recommends that you use an over the counter tooth whitening product no more than two weeks. If you have professional tooth whitening using a custom-made tooth whitening kit follow your dentist’s instructions to avoid over bleaching. Power Bleaching or chair side tooth whitening should be done no more than once or twice a year.

People who over bleach their teeth run the risk of tooth sensitivity. Other problems that can occur when you over whiten include damage to the enamel. Some dentists have reported patients who have bleached so much that their teeth have turned blue or are actually see through. Apply a tooth whitening product to a cavity or a chipped or broken tooth and you could suffer damage to the inside of your tooth or pulp. If this occurs, you will not only be in pain, but also require an emergency trip to your dentist’s office for a root canal.

Professional tooth whitening is the best way to whiten your teeth as the products and bleaches used by your dentist contain more hydrogen peroxide than the gels, pastes, strips, and rinses available over the counter. Professional tooth whitening products contain between fifteen and 35 percent while those that you buy from your pharmacy or drug store have between three and 10 percent.

If you would like more information regarding professional tooth whitening, schedule an appointment with your dentist today.