Overall Health and Oral Health Checklist


With the holidays, come social gatherings and lots of meet and greet opportunities. That time spent with family and friends means lots of communication, smiling, laughing, and talking.

If you have chipped, cracked or stained teeth it is probably quite difficult to do any of those without being conscious of your teeth and gums. In fact, some people are so ashamed of their smile that they will miss an engagement all together.

A crooked, cracked, and unhappy smile isn’t good for your self-esteem, but it isn’t good for your overall health either.

According to your East Greenbush dentist, there is a connection between your oral and overall health and in most cases, it starts with oral hygiene.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene for a Healthy Smile

Brushing, flossing, a good diet, and regular dental appointments keep your teeth and gums in check. Twice yearly dental examinations not only check for tooth decay and gum disease, but also for any other abnormalities in the oral cavity.

Dr. J. Craig Alexander offers comprehensive dental examinations to check your overall health as well. During your comprehensive dental checkup, your neck, throat, mouth, teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue are checked for anything that doesn’t look right. If a white patch, sore or lump is discovered, your dentist in East Greenbush will probably recommend a biopsy for further examination and investigation.

It is important to remember that early detection prevents diseases from getting worse. A comprehensive dental checkup can do just that.

Diet Oral and Overall Health

Everyone knows that a good healthy diet is great for your body and overall health, but did you know what you put in your mouth also affects teeth and gums?

Your East Greenbush dentist explains that those fizzy sports and energy drinks that you love so much are extremely bad for teeth as they eat away at the enamel. Starchy foods stay in your teeth while dried fruit can become stuck in the backs of teeth.

Enjoy a diet that is full of high calcium foods. Dairy foods are great for teeth. Remember, teeth are just as strong as your bones and will do wonders when you add calcium to your diet.

Include lots of healthy fruits and veggies in your diet as well. Just be sure to keep your intake of citrus to a minimum because of the acid content.

Check Yourself Out for Overall Health

You see your smile every day. That means it is important to check it out every once in a while. Check your teeth and restorations for chips and cracks. Make sure you pay close attention to your gums as well. If they are red, swollen or bleed when you brush and floss, you could be dealing with gum disease.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup for Overall Health

Your oral hygiene really does affect your overall health. Call and schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Craig J. Alexander today.