Your Bad Breath Could Be A Clue


If you have bad breath, it could be a hint that something else is going on with your body, and although nearly your mouth causes 75 percent of halitosis, other problems could be causing your bad breath as well. Sinus infections gastric issues and severe gum disease could also be to blame for your bad breath.

According to Dr. J. Craig Alexander, bad breath could also be caused from:

• Onions and Garlic
• Tobacco
• Alcohol
• Tea and Coffee
• Poor Oral Hygiene
• Dentures
• Tonsils
• Sinus, Throat and Lung Infections
• Chemotherapy and Radiation
• Medication
• Dry Mouth
• Salivary Gland Problems

What Can I Do About Bad Breath?

If your bad breath is a dietary issue, you should schedule an appointment with a nutritionist or dietician for diet modification.

If your bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene, schedule an appointment with your East Greenbush Dentist who can show you how to brush and floss. If you are suffering from gingivitis or periodontal disease, a deep cleaning, or root scaling and planing treatment may be recommended.

If a respiratory issue is causing your issues or your tonsils are infected, you will need to see your primary care physician to address the problem.

Dry mouth is one of the biggest problems for people who take medication. Patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiation can contact their oncologist who may be able to prescribe a medication for dry mouth, or recommend an over the counter medication.

According to your East Greenbush dentist, Bad breath doesn’t have to plague you for the rest of your life, and it won’t if you take good care of your teeth and gums, schedule regular appointments with your dentist, and see your doctor regularly.

If you would like more information regarding oral hygiene habits, or would like to schedule an appointment with your dentist in East Greenbush, call or click now.