There is Help for Tooth Sensitivity


Everyone has tooth sensitivity at some point, but if that cup of coffee or ice cream cone has become painful on a daily basis it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. J. Craig Alexander as there could be other problems that are making you wince when you brush and floss.

According to your East Greenbush Dentist, your sensitive teeth could be caused by:

• Broken teeth
• Tooth decay
• Worn out fillings or dental restorations
• Gum disease
• Worn enamel
• Tooth root exposure
• Cracked teeth
• Too much tooth whitening

Healthy teeth have a protective layer of enamel that protects the dentin and pulp inside your tooth. Under your gum line there is a layer that is called cementum. Cementum protects the roots of your teeth. Under the cementum and enamel is dentin. Dentin is not as dense as cementum or enamel and contains small canals or microscopic tubules.

When the dentin loses the protective coating of the enamel or the cementum, the tubules allow cold, hot, sticky, or acidic foods to reach the cells and nerves inside of your teeth. The dentin may also become exposed if your gums are receding. This can cause you to be hypersensitive.

According to your East Greenbush Dentist, there are some things you can do to help sensitive teeth:

Desensitizing toothpaste-This paste or gel contains a compound that will help block the transmission of the surface of the tooth to the nerve. This will need to be used daily to help reduce the sensitivity.

Fluoride Gel-Talk to Dr. Alexander about an in office fluoride gel treatment that will help strengthen the enamel on your teeth helping reduce sensation transmission.

Dental Restorations-Dental bonding, inlays or dental crowns can be used to repair chips, cracks, or decay, which could be the cause of your sensitivity.

Surgical Gum Graft-If a lack of gum tissue is the reason for your tooth sensitivity, ask your dentist in Albany about a surgical gum graft as this can help reduce your sensitivity and protect the roots of your teeth.

Root Canal-If tooth sensitivity is chronic and severe, root canal therapy may be recommended to eliminate the tooth sensitivity.

Proper oral hygiene is key when it comes to protecting your teeth. Brush twice, floss once each day, enjoy a healthy diet that is full of fruits and vegetables, and don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with your dentist in East Greenbush.

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